• Do You, Family member or Friend
    have a Mortgage Claim?
    Has your mortgage been mis-sold? Precision Claims can carry out a full and comprehensive forensic assessment of your mortgage to check that it complies with the strict guidelines set out in the FSA's code of conduct. Call us now to arrange a full mortgage audit as you may have a claim. more
  • Are you a business owner who has been mis-sold Interest Rate Swap Agreements? The Financial Services Authority (FSA) claims thousands of businesses have lost large amounts of money after being mis-sold complex IRSA products by their banks and are now entitled to compensation. more
  • Do You, Family member or Friend
    have a Health Care Claim?
    Has a beloved been put into care, made to sell their home or cash in their investments to pay for the Nursing Home Fees? Have they been assessed correctly? If you have been made to sell or indeed been assessed correctly you may have a claim. more
  • Have you been mis-sold PPI
    (Payment Protection Insurance)?
    Office of Fair Trading has raised the issue that people who have taken out Payment Protection Insurance policies in the past could be owed thousands of pounds because those policies were mis-sold. more

In many cases, payment protection insurance has been sold to clients who did not even need it, so the agreement was effectively worthless. Precision Claims have won thousands of pounds for our clients. Call us today on 0844 704 1945 or email us.

Over the last ten years many people have been made to sell their homes and cash in investments to pay for care that should have been provided by the NHS. If you would like to pursue a claim for a relative or friend call us today on 0844 704 1945 or email us.

Precision Claims specialise in helping clients claim for road traffic accidents that were not their fault. To find out more about claiming compensation following any type of road accident, contact our legal specialists today. You can call us on 0844 704 1945 or email for more information.

At Precision Claims we can help those who have been injured in an accident to win the full compensation that they deserve. If you have been injured and need advice, contact our Personal Injury team on 0844 704 1945 or email us.

Financial Services: No Win No Fee Compensation

At Precision Claims, we specialise in helping people make no win no fee compensation claims and getting their lives back on track after suffering as a result of somebody else's mistakes or abuse.

Our expertise covers financial services claims, as well as clinical negligence, personal injury and care home claims. Our experience in getting a positive result for our clients in cases like these is second to none.

If you believe you are entitled to compensation, working with our team will give you the best possible chance of achieving justice. Call 0844 704 1945 or email us today.