Claim Back Your Care Costs

There are thousands of people receiving long term care in England and Wales who may be eligible to have their fees paid by the NHS.  Unfortunately a large proportion of those in care don’t realise that they need not pay their own care home fees.  It is possible to reclaim care home fees which should never have been paid.

If you think you have been paying care home fees when you were eligible to have them covered by the NHS, we would like to hear from you.  Claim back your care costs by calling our claims team on 0844 704 1945 or send in an enquiry and we will be in touch shortly to discuss your claim.

Who is eligible to claim back care home fees?

Anyone whose primary need is to receive nursing care can claim back care home fees. It does not matter if the care was given in a care home, in the patient’s own home, or anywhere else – a claim is still possible.  You can also make a healthcare claim on behalf of a deceased relative who paid for care when they were alive.

For further information about making a care cost claim or to read a case study or glossary please visit one of the pages below:

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Contact us today about claiming back your care costs now.  You can either ring us on 0844 704 1945 or send in an enquiry and we will be in touch shortly.