Hip Replacement Surgery

Precision Claims has years of experience helping clients to pursue hip replacement claims. We specialise in claiming compensation for the two types of hip replacements that were recalled by DePuy Orthopaedics Incin 2010.If you were fitted with one of the recalled hip replacements, or you are concerned about your hip surgery in any other way, contact the Precision Claims team. We recognise that it's unacceptable to put patients at such great risk, and we will aim to recover the maximum amount of compensation for your suffering.

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Can I Make a Hip Replacement Claim?

If you've hadhip replacement in the last 8 years and it was performed using the recalled Depuy products, then you could potentially make a hip replacement claim. To find out if the recalled products were used in your surgery, you should to contact the hospital where you had your operation.There have been many cases reported where people have sufferedfrom the severe side effects due to these products. This includes:

•    Ongoing pain
•    Swelling
•    Problems in walking
•    High levels of metal particles into the bloodstream.

Even if your claim did not involve Depuy products, our team would be happy to investigate your case. We specialise in all types of hip replacement claims and can offer you the legal advice to pursue a successful outcome.

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For further guidance on making ahip replacement claims, contact the experts at Precision Claims. Based in Manchester, Precision Claims can provide specialist advice to help you pursue your claim and gain the compensation that you deserve. Call Precision claims on 0844 704 1945, or simply fill in our online enquiry form.